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Colorado Basin Implementation Plan

What will our water future look like?

The Colorado Basin Roundtable is working to define the answer.

kid_water_fountain[1]The state of Colorado is facing the prospect of significant water supply challenges in the future, and “basin roundtables” of stakeholders in each of the state’s major river basins are developing “basin implementation plans” for how to meet these challenges within their basins. These individual basin plans will serve as input for Colorado’s Water Plan, which Governor Hickenlooper has ordered to be completed by December 2015.

Since the passage of Colorado House Bill 05-1177, members of the CBRT, at monthly meetings and many subcommittee meetings, have lent different pieces to the Colorado Basin water puzzle. Various water projects have been identified to address both consumptive and nonconsumptive environmental and recreational needs in the Basin, establishing the basis for the BIP.

Colorado Water Plan

The purpose of the Colorado Water Plan is to develop a series of consensus-based implementation strategies to meet statewide water needs. The development of the Plan will rely on a bottom up process promoted via the development of the Basin Implementation Plans, where input will be obtained on local projects and methods and implementation strategies in meeting the CBRT’s vision and provide a foundation for the SWSI update.


The BIP overall must take into account several policies and existing documents including, but not limited to water supply plans, comprehensive land use plans, water quality plans (208 Plans), watershed plans, and related documents adopted by local governments.

The BIP is an extraordinary opportunity for you and all stakeholders in the Colorado River Basin – communities, citizens, farmers, ranchers, recreationalists, water providers, industry and watershed organizations – to work collaboratively on a vision for the future. We look forward to your involvement and participation.

The Project Team

The creation of the Colorado Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) is being led by SGM, under the guidance of the Colorado Basin Roundtable. This will involve the collection and analysis of large amounts of data, but in order to develop a plan that truly reflects the values of Colorado Basin residents, it also needs something else: your input!

SGM is leading the technical team responsible for developing the Colorado Basin Implementation Plan. The team includes Kathleen Curry, Karl Hanlon, staff from The Nature Conservancy, Eric Bikis, the Water Center at Colorado Mesa University and Janice Kurbjun.

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